9 d´octubre and St. Donís Tour

THEMED VISIT. 9 d’Octubre date is known for all Valencian people for the festivity day of Valencian Community but what really happened on that day? What is true, false or myth and legend around the figure of Jaime I, the reconqueror of the city …?

This is a gastrocultural tour where we will see the biggest day historically o f valencian people when in 1238 the city was reconquered by King James I to the Muslim troops. We will contemplate the places related to that historic event.

This event has also provided a sweet culinary tradition that many love the meaning behind. We will discover this and many anecdotes that explain the true dawn of the renaissance of the Kingdom of Valencia and that has led us to our cultural customs and society of the current century.


Visit the historic center whose beginning is the Church of the Temple (Temple Square). A tour we will know better the neighborhoods of La Seu-Xerea, Mercat and Carmen and their rich cultural heritage where there will be some other kind surprises along the way …

– Halfway, visit-workshop in a famous patisserie where we will see and make us a little demonstration of delicious figures of St. Dionis. There will be a tasting of ‘mocaorà’ at the end of it.

Start of visit: 10 h. Approx. duration: 02 h. Available dates: year round excluding Sundays and days of January 22, local holiday in Valencia, May 1st, November 1st, December, 6 th, 24th & 25th and January 1st.

Recommended dates to visit : 1-8th of October (demo + tasting mocaorà)

What is included? Specialized guide in the historic city center. Visit rates: 12.99 € / pers. Available languages: Castilian, English and Valencian.


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