A VLC more hidden and MYSTERIOUS over the CENTURIES is shown by ADZUCATS in the historic center 

valencia mysteries, crimes and legends guided toursValencia & AdzucaTs share during the year the tour of the mysteries, crimes and legends of VLC in order to deepen Valencia more hidden and mysterious over the centuries by the historic centre of the city of the Turia.

The route that can be customized for individuals & groups, starts from the main door of the fish market.

After a brief introduction, los Santos Juanes and the central market are protagonists of public that today would observe how terrible and scenes that were told in great detail by the official guide who leads throughout the activity.

The legends and famous crimes that occurred in the vicinity of the market is the next step. We surround part of the Lonja (Old Market) discovering some of its mysteries and legends in some of its figures and gargoyles.

Later we were near a phenomena paranormal happened in the area of the market district and we listen to one of the more traditional legends near the Church of San Nicolás. The visit ends in the environment of the Generalitat, producing one of the most amazing events in the recent history of the city as a phenomenon also strange and mysterious.

All a mystery tour and one more way to wrap up the charm of this city.

+ info about the route of mysteries, crimes and legends of VLC: click here.

valencia mysteries, crimes and legends guided tours


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