adzucaTs ‘Tyris urbe’ tour will show the maximum essence of the old city of Valencia during this summer in different languages

In this summer, adzucaTs offers the ‘summer special tour: Tyrius urbe’ in different languages: english, german, french and russian. We will know the main monuments and the most emblematic buildings of historic center of Valencia. Particular and famous corners and places will show us the heritage and historic wealth of the city. The panoramic tour […]

Spring months are the best offer for the VLC gastroculTural tours of adzucaTs accompanied with an official tour guide

adzucaTs offers the best option to feel gastrocultural activities in a visit to Valencia. Accompanied with an official tour guide to know the old city, you will have the possibility to taste a wine or beer tastings (as you prefer) with a perfect combination. We will eat in a well-known restaurant-arroceria in the center in […]

The Fallas Tours ‘L´estoreta velleta’ can now be booked to live the festivities in different way with AdzucaTs

L´estoreta velleTa would be translated into english from valencian language… little old carpet. In the past, neighbourhoods picked up junk or wood materials on it and the St. Joseph´s eve burned these ones to celebrate the Saint Joseph´s festivity and the passage from winter to spring seasons. We show the actual inner world of Fallas […]

A varied lighting on the streets of Valencia welcome to christmas and tourists in these special days

These are some images about christmas´ lighting in historic center ‘Ciutat vella’. The christmas environment is coming here. For your visit in this season we have at your disposal our guided tour ‘The first Nöel’. + info… click here 🙂                                                        

The VLC silk Tour: The VelveTs is one of the most requested routes of AdzucaTs throughout the year

One of the most requested tours of AdzucaTs is the VLC Silk Tour: The VelveTs. We invite you to discover the essential role of the silk industry from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century in the city of Valencia and its kingdom. The visit consists of going to different points of the district of […]

Valencian landscapes: tourist territory, an essential photographic exhibition in the Carmen cultural centre

Valencian Landscapes: Tourist territory is an essential exhibition for those who visit Valencia city and want to know places of tourist charm in the rest of the Valencian Community. . This photographic voyage of Miguel Lorenzo, Miquel Francés, Pep Pelechà and Adela Talavera has been coordinated and organized by the AVT (Valencian Agency of Tourism) […]

The themed Tours by AdzucaTs discover the old city of Valencia with a new and refreshing approach

Valencia themed Tours is one of the best proposal for visitors who want to know more deeply about the old city and its history and legends 🙂 Hundred and hundred of people have come with us to live nearly the misteries, the valuable heritage, the markets, churches, etc. Considering what general tourism offers, AdzucaTs show […]

The VLC Port and Santa María del Mar Tour by AdzucaTs brings closer this booming area to visitors

The port of VLC and Santa María del Mar Tour is a route with a lot of material to teach and also much to learn… and Modernist platforms, Navy promenade, gothic age shipyards, modern harbour buildings, old harbour, old customs and unique spaces to discover in the Santa María del Mar Church are some places […]