Cultural management & experiential tourism in VLC & inland Mediterranean

From a dead end in the historic center of VLC, in Adzucats (az-zukaks, word in Arabic that means alley or dead end) we go out to the world to invite you to discover a new city and inland Mediterranean.

Professional objectives

Under personal attention at all times our goal is based on quality. We invite from the outset that the customer come wanting to know and to experience through wealth of resources that brings culture and tourism in the geographical areas we propose and competitiveness of our professional guides.

adzucats cultural management experiential tourism

Valencia cultural management

We are a professional firm specializing in history, history of art and tourism offer personalized services o collective tourism, gastrocultural and natural areas by:

guided tours, hikes, activities / workshops, tastings, creative and themed visits in the city of Valencia and the provinces and towns of the communities of Castilla-La Macha, Aragón and Valencian Community.

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