‘Cornucopia and myths in abundance’ cares about and appreciates the heart of the historic center with Adzucats

valencia guided toursOr as they like to call Adzucats to their tour, embryo of the company: ‘the set to music guided visit to Ciutat Vella…’. It is a service with quality / excellent price that close to people to learn more about the historic city of Valencia and his Kingdom from 1238. Includes an official guide and specialist in the historic center, option to put music via mp3/4 visit and any other friendly surprise along the way…’ as reflects their manager Yago Perez Llopis.

‘ The route includes typical appetizer tasting local products from VLC. People is delighted because are regained strengths before taking a last run-up in which people being entertained and interact socially to finish with one more different experience for Ciutat Vella. That´s why we call also ‘the route of the senses’ because in Adzucats everything is made with a meaning or explanation in every way as  our motto ‘.

One of the questions that people make when it comes to Adzucats is ‘How works of the ‘musical’ visit?’. You must send an email to info@adzucats.com to request the visit saying how many people go to the same. The promoter guide of the tour agrres with the customer by email or by phone and he / she describes all the steps to be followed during the visit through the mobile or device mp3/4 player, owned by the user ‘ explains Yago.

valencia guided tours       valencia guided tours

The route covers monuments of the most unique as the Portal de Valldigna until the ex-convent of el Carmen to places key as la Lonja, the Cathedral and Santa Catalina. ‘ Always in an enjoyable and participatory way, we don´t want for people a monotonous or academic 100% route at all, if not entertaining and original’ concludes Yago.

More info: http://english.adzucats.com/cultural-visit-to-ciutat-vella-old-city/

valencia guided tours

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