Fallas Cridà 2015 images with Adzucats

Here we have the Crida in images by Adzucats to already start the festive atmosphere that exists in the streets of VLC. Since the year 2004 which was taken up again the day of the Crida, is today a classic Act of welcome to the fallas stemmed from the solitary act of the proclamation of the Fallera Mayor of Valencia and authorities during the late night.

Since 1932 has been held to make the proclamation or call to all visitors and the Fallas world to celebrate their festivities in the city of Valencia. It is in 1990 when the proclamation is oriented to the world from the Torres de Serranos on the open side of the old bed of the Turia Rives as it happens currently. Previously the event was held in the Plaza de los Fueros since the 1950s in the dorsal part of the towers and from 30 to 50 from the City Council.

From 19:15 h. Crida 2015 has begun with a light show and sound captured by Ad Lib Creations on the two towers of Serranos liking much to the falleros and present although by uncoordinated time until they rise the FMV´s, authorities and courts of honor, it has repeated the show once more, or at least that is the feeling that has been noticed among present people. The speech of the Mayor has been very commented by certain setbacks lexical specially produced in the beginning of the speech. One detail that has left the feeling that the speech seemed completely improvised but the joy of the present falleros so that the Feast began was remarkable and they have joined the speeches from the stage.

Estefanía López, Fallera Mayor in Valencia, has especially highlighted the effort and dedication of the falleros, artists and has had a particular reference to the children who are the future of the party to make work it and join those who more dedicated efforts to preserve and care for the Valencian Language.

The fireworks ‘Castle’ – only named in VLC like this – has been after the ceremony of the keys of the city that Mayor Dª Rita Barberá has given them to the FMV and the Act of welcoming itself. The fireworks has been shot by Reyes Martí, pyrotechnics from Burriana which has also made its task in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento square at noon with a classical way in her mascletà of 2 pm.

The Act itself has ended with the delivery of bouquets at the Basílica of the Virgen de los Desamparados of the two Falleras Mayores and their courts in order to honor the patron saint of the city and region of Valencia and ask forces for these fallas so intense that from today officially have already started. Because like valencian people say: Ya estem en Falles! or… Fallas are here already!

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