“It is in the simplicity where haute cuisine is”


Our experience will begin with a visit touring the old town with an expert cultural-tourist guide in Ciutat Vella (old city) where you will know the history of Valencia and its great ancient past in a pleasant and enriched manner with the best stories and possible nice surprises along the way…

During the tour we will see various tastings where you will enjoy the best products with valencian designation of origin choosing between a Valencian wines tasting with first-hand explanatiion by a professional in the field or Valencian craft beers in which it will be explained the product variety and a brief description of the process of brewing.

After finishing the first gastronomic stop we will continue with the course of the visit for later to taste oils valencian d. o. and excellent mountain olive pâté.

To conclude the experience, we will attend to a restaurant arrocería. Of the three restaurants we collaborate in Adzucats, you can elect one from three unique menu options that we present. These places are well known for the high quality of its culinary chefs through the intuitive and product kitchen. The Mediterranean haute cuisine, ‘coca’ and rice will star to finish this entire tour.

Opening hours: 10:30 – 13:30 h .. (beginning of the meal)

Visit rates and minimum number of visitors: 50 € / pers. (taxes incl.); min. 4 pers. Transportation Management + gastrocultural Tour: mini bus with up to 21 pers. max. and travel insurance = 65 € / pers. (taxes incl.)

Available languages: Castilian, English, French and Valencian


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