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guided tours valenciaGastrocultural tours in VLC city that offers Adzucats are demonstrable proof that in VLC is eaten and enjoyed very but very well and you can enjoy a city, history and heritage of first level. The combination of different things = a visit conducted by an expert official guide in Ciutat Vella + tasting delicatessen + restaurant arrocería + that touch of Adzucats that makes that our customers stay pleasant, nice and take a a good tourist and cultural memory of the city of Valencia. The tour culminates with the prior selection of one of the various exclusive menus to choose from Adzucats to the liking of the consumer. None is indifferent… 🙂

      guided tours valencia

Travel is very well complemented by a pair of tastings along the way with a custom cultural visit since before hiring the service. One of the points that people like the visit is the offer of products with denomination of origin of the land being very satisfied of the results as well as cultural knowledge of the official guide with years of experience under his belt.

valencia guided toursExist two ideal tours for the time of spring and summer that accompanies VLC: La Costum (inspired by the first law of th Furs or Fueros (medieval laws) of the Christian Kingdom of Valencia in the 13th century) and Els Feyts (inspiration created the figure of the King Jaime I and his biography told in the 16th century from the Chronica dels Feyts or of the facts).

In both tours the good habits, simplicity and haute cuisine all of them are concentrated in a memorable visit that can last three hours and a half to four maximum. If your time flies, as usual in Adzucats, that will be a very good sign… See you soon!

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valencia guided tours

valencia guided tours

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