adzucaTs ‘Tyris urbe’ tour will show the maximum essence of the old city of Valencia during this summer in different languages

In this summer, adzucaTs offers the ‘summer special tour: Tyrius urbe’ in different languages: english, german, french and russian. We will know the main monuments and the most emblematic buildings of historic center of Valencia. Particular and famous corners and places will show us the heritage and historic wealth of the city. The panoramic tour […]

Spring months are the best offer for the VLC gastroculTural tours of adzucaTs accompanied with an official tour guide

adzucaTs offers the best option to feel gastrocultural activities in a visit to Valencia. Accompanied with an official tour guide to know the old city, you will have the possibility to taste a wine or beer tastings (as you prefer) with a perfect combination. We will eat in a well-known restaurant-arroceria in the center in […]

A VLC more hidden and MYSTERIOUS over the CENTURIES is shown by ADZUCATS in the historic center 

Valencia & AdzucaTs share during the year the tour of the mysteries, crimes and legends of VLC in order to deepen Valencia more hidden and mysterious over the centuries by the historic centre of the city of the Turia. The route that can be customized for individuals & groups, starts from the main door of the fish market. After a […]

The seafaring holy week of Valencia programme for knowing better the customs and the seaside districts of the city

For those who want to discover the seafaring holy week of Valencia, we present some important events from seafaring holy wednesday to sunday of Jesuschrist Resurrection. We recommend, therefore, a festival declared of ‘national tourist interest’ and one of the best seafaring holy weeks in Spain and its processions of old tradition that go round a […]

The Vincent Tosca´s map in scale model of the MUVIM materializes the best urban history of Valencia of the century XVIII

AdzucaTs recommendations: the graph map of father Vincent Tosca from 1704 in scale model has been recovered by the current director of the MUVIM, Rafa Company, and materialized in its day with thousands of wooden houses and other plastic materials on a surface at least 24 square meters. The location is in the hall master of the […]

The Holy Grail & the Kingdom of VLC Tour of AdzucaTs reveals key questions about the chalice of VLC for groups and individuals

Inspired by the culTural journey the Holy Grail & the Crown of Aragon, with a group now in reserve open for the month of October 2016, AdzucaTs presents in the city of the Turia Holy Grail & the Kingdom of VLC. But… why so close relationships between the Valencian Kingdom and allegedly the true Goblet […]

AdzucaTs presents the video VLC Corpus 2016 to promote the Festa Grossa and a singular tourist religious attraction

AdzucaTs presents a way to promote the VLC Corpus Christi on its youtube channel in order to attract tourists and citizens to an unique festival in Spain with more than six centuries of tradition. From the curious and emblematic ‘rocks’ conceived as triumphal trucks  in honor of the Corpus and Kings of yesteryear to the dances and the evening […]