The crida is the official act of call and entrance to the Fallas festivities which takes place the last Sunday of February in the city of Valencia. According to international experts in the field, fallas are the local festivities most meaningful and full of social, artistic and cultural richness at the European level and even global.

The Fallera Mayor for the year 2015, Estefanía López, of the Commission Cra. Malilla. Cabrera Island , located in the sector of Målilla, invite everyone to come to the fallas and VLC town and villages of L´Horta and other regions where the Falla monuments are planted to be well received by the Valencians. The place chosen as it has occurred year after year since 1990 to make the Crida or call (speech) of the FMV will be on the stage expressly built just below the two polygonal towers of Torres de Serranos, former Central gates of the medieval town until the 19th century. There will be authorities, adults and children courts honor and Fallera Mayor Infantil, María Donderis.

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For a decade (2004) thanks to the delegation of culture of the Fallera Central Board  has expanded the Festival to a whole day. Here we have a series of events that unfold in the following way on Sunday, February 22:


7.00 hours: the Falleras Mayores of Valencia and their courts of Honor will attend San Juan de el Hospital to visit the chapel of Santa Barbara, patron saint of the fireworks. At the same time, the distribution of trons of bac among all accredited falleros will begin on Despertà, from ‘the Glorieta’ – garden – to the street of la Paz at the height of the street comedies.

7.30 hours: home of the child Macrodesperta through the streets of la Paz and San Vicente until reaching the town square with 700 accredited children.

7.40 hours: home of the Macrodesperta through the streets of la Paz and San Vicente until reaching the town square with 1730 accredited persons. At the end, final apotheosis in the Town Hall Square, in charge of the company Zarzoso pyrotechnics of height (Castellón).

After completing the Despertà, the Fallera Central Board will offer a Fallas breakfast for all participants in the Town Hall square.

End of the Championship Fallas de Valencia ‘Pelota valenciana’.

From 10:00 in the Pelayo Trinquet will vie for the Fallera Mayor trophy finals in Valencian Pelota category. The commissions (fallas) who played the finals of the “joc de caballers” are:

Trophy Fallera Mayor of Valencia between Dr. Sanchis Bergón – Turia and Angel of the Alcazar – José Maestre.

Trophy Fallera Mayor Infantil Valencia between Carrera de San Luis – Avda Dr Waksman and Costa i Borrás – Agustina de Aragón.

Trophy delegation: Duke of Gaeta – Puebla de Farnals and Sagunt – San Guillem.

XII entry music bands

visit valencia in fallas12:00 hours: the entrance of bands has been done since 2004 by the initiative of Fallera Central Board delegation of culture, although in 2006 had to be suspended because of the inclement weather. XII entry of bands of music will feature the following route: Plaza de la Virgen, plaza de la Reina, el Miguelete, San Vicente St., street ending at the Town Hall Square, which will be a return to finish the façade of the consistory.

It involves the following bands: Escola de Tabal i dolçaina of the JCF, Banda Municipal de Cruz Roja Española in Valencia, Musical society the Unió de Tres Forques, Musical society maritime villages, society Musical Union of fishermen of el Cabañal, Unió Musical l’Horta de Sant Marcelí, Unión Musical Santa Cecilia de Castellar-Oliveral, Agrupació Musical of Massarrojos, Agrupación musical de Benicalap, Agrupación Musical Fuente de San Luis, Agrupación musical Gayano Lluch, Agrupación Musical Patraix and “The Tropical” Musical society in Benigànim.

13:50 hours: in the Town Hall Square, interpretation in unison by the participating bands of the pasodoble “El Fallero”, led by the director of the Municipal band of Valencia, D. Fernando Bonnet Piqueras.

Mascletà. Pyrotechnic prominence on the day of the Crida for Reyes Martí.

14:00 hours: in the Town Hall Square will trigger a mascleta in the traditional style in charge of the Pirotecnia Martí de Burriana (Castellón).


From the year 1955 the Crida Act is carried out from the walls of the towers of Serranos. From its doors, every year, the Fallera Mayoress of Valencia invites the whole world who wants to enjoy one of the most brilliant festivities in the world, fallas. With the presence of the Mayor of Valencia, Rita Barberá, among other authorities, and the Falleras Mayores of Valencia 2015, will begin to act the Crida.
fallas valenciaFrom 18: 00 background music.
A 19:15 o’clock: the spectacle will be borne by Ad Lib Creations that will present a visual masterpiece where the Serrano towers will be the protagonists, under the coordination of Sagitari Produccions and the participation of prestigious Valencian as Sagarmanta, Yapadu and Acustic companies.
20:00 hours: Parliament of the Mayoress Rita Barbera and delivery the keys of the city to the Fallera Mayor of Valencia 2015. Estefania Lopez speech, Fallera Mayor of Valencia. Once the Parliament, will trigger a castle of fireworks by the Pirotecnia Martí de Burriana (Castellón).
In the present edition will install a screen at the height of the Navellos Street in which persons with a hearing impairment may follow act through sign language.
Visit to the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados
fallas valenciaAt the end of Act the Crida, the Falleras Mayores of Valencia and their courts of Honor shall be addressed in official Entourage through the Serranos Street until the Royal Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados in the presence all the valencians and falleros offering during this brief tour to our representatives plenty of signs of affection and admiration.
There, at the foot of la Mare de Déu, our representatives will deliver their bouquets making an emotive offering which will have the opportunity to thank the moments lived in this very special year and at the same time pray our Patron Saint for the fallas festivities just give home.
Programming sources: Fallera central Board . Photos: C. M. Peris & Yago Perez Llopis.

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