The exhibition “the history view with Playmobil”; Egypt and the war of secession in El Corte English of the France Avenue

From 30 April to 14 June from 10 a. m. at 10 p.m. with free admission, El Corte Inglés (department store), located at Pintor Maella St. and very close to the France Avenue offers the exhibition “The history seen with Playmobil“. The sample includes hundreds of clicks based on the battle of Gettysburg of the war’s American seccesion (1861-65) and the ancient Egypt. Valencian collectors have made possible this dream exhibition since more than 20 years they have been collecting the popular playmobil figures.

Children can also participate in this exhibition through play “hunt the infiltrator” where they have to find a camouflaged clik that exist in each of the historical panoramas that are represented. Every two weeks the camouflaged clik’s place will change and children with the correct answer will take part in a bi-weekly raffle. They would receive as a gift a lot of gifts Playmobil.

Address: Pintor Maella St., 37 (very close to the city of Arts and Sciences and Aqua shopping centre). Valencia. Tel.: 963 35 05 00.

valencia playmobil exhibition

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