The Fallas Tours ‘L´estoreta velleta’ can now be booked to live the festivities in different way with AdzucaTs

custom-fallas-tours valenciaL´estoreta velleTa would be translated into english from valencian language… little old carpet. In the past, neighbourhoods picked up junk or wood materials on it and the St. Joseph´s eve burned these ones to celebrate the Saint Joseph´s festivity and the passage from winter to spring seasons.

We show the actual inner world of Fallas and its evoluTion for individuals and groups during these Fallas, the best local festivities in Europe 🙂 You can choose The AdzucaTs´Customized Fallas tours throughout the year or in ‘the big days’ from the 16th to 19th of march. Last year Valencia beated records in number of people possibly throughout history.

People who comes with AdzucaTs to the Fallas Tours are delighted at routes next to the official guide because knows the inner world of Fallas and its artisTs. It´s without a doubt a new way of knowing and enjoying the Fallas and Valencia city. The available languages are in english, german and russian. :[]

+ info about L´estoreta Velleta Fallas Tours… click here. 🙂 

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