valencia humanity heritage fallasFortunately not be has missed in the forecast. The fallas already are heritage of the humanity thanks to the verdict of the Committee intergovernmental of the UNESCO formed by 24 countries and that is celebrated during these days in Ethiopia and its capital Addis Abeba. In particular, the 30th of November and the 1st of December is proceed to the readings, presentations and verdicts. In the case of fallas have been earlier (12:45 h. approx. of the 30th of nov.) to inclusion in the positive list as Intangible heritage of humanity. Among 37 candidates, faillas were among many bets, a big favorite. Likewise, as others valencian festivities and expressions cultural and monumental as the party of the Virgin of the Health of Algemesí or the millennial Court of the waters, the fallas are added to the recognition world of the intense and rich culture and folklore that has Valencia City and its autonomous community.

After the presentation and video of the bid completed, Pere Fuset testifying as Chairman of the Fallas central Board and festivals Councillor of the Council of VLC, the JCF has historical reasons to celebrate as well as VLC city and hundreds or perhaps thousands of falleros (Fallas men) with blouse will be to focus the 30th of november evening at 19 h. at Towers of Serranos.

“Cridà al´humanitat” of the artist and President of Sueca-lit. Azorín Falla, Juanjo García is going to be the falla is going to plant this afternoon at 19 h. “al tombe” (as in old-fashioned did neighbors and Fallas men) after the positive jury of UNESCO. Next sunday, 4th of December the celebration will be greater to people at 18:30 h. In front of the towers of Serranos there will be music, audiovisual and pyrotechnics ending with the cremà (ignition) of falla.

valencia humanity heritage fallas      valencia humanity heritage fallas

valencia humanity heritage fallas

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