valencia guided tours‘Valencia is a very attractive city to alternate a high-quality tasting and a visit by its historic centre’. This is how it summarizes Yago Pérez Llopis, Manager of Adzucats, one of the most interesting visits for people who come to know VLC for the first time.

‘It is a perfect route to get to know the city and its past, its great cultural interest and the amount of flavors gastroculturales of denomination of origin (D. or.). People will be also accompanied by a specialist in city (a multi-lingual official guide)’.

valencia guided tours

The nomenclature of the tour ‘Els Feyts’ is due to the Chronica dels Feyts (book of 16 th century) and inspiration about how it would have liked them to be received the king James I and his troops, knights, settlers and clergy of the 13th century by valencian people in the XXI century then. A metaphorical dream of the fertile VLC for his garden and gastronomy from the Roman era. This singular metaphor is reflected in visits to several sites in the city combined with monuments semi hidden of great heritage value and which are not included in the generic city routes normally.

valencia customized tours      valencia customized tours

At gastronomic level, the tour it is possible to choose either a tasting of wines of the land or valencian craft beers and a tasting of oils to finish in a prestigious restaurant arrocería. ‘We maintain a close collaboration with three restaurants of high quality rice and the menu that we offer to our customers, will have the option of choosing what they like

Gastrocultural tour “Els Feyts” takes about three hours of duration up to the time of food and ‘is an opportunity to unwind and relax at the same time with a city like VLC. Our intention from Adzucats is projecting VLC as a “citi break” of quality and customization in likings and familiarity in treatment’ concludes Yago in your explanation.

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valencia customized tours

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