Ninot exhibition 2015

‘The Ninot Exhibition is fine …’ That’s what one hears in the media in general when you go to visit the nearly 800 ninots or group of ninots under the tent of the esplanade of Nuevo Centro Shopping Centre. One more year. And it’s a decade … While Falla artists have claimed repeatedly moving the event that lasts until the afternoon of March 15 to another public container, it remains clear after the visit of Adzucats this exhibition that originated back in 1934, is enjoying good health. Not all years are excellent and are a more experimental than others but it has exceeded expectations.

visit valencia fallasCorruption, politicians (goes out a lot Podemos leader), the little Nicholas, the signs ‘Say no to the contest sketches’ that a group of unionized Falla artists do not want to see embodied, Peter Lim after purchase of VCF shares… These themes are generic relying on the always politically correct scenes in many cases of the Special ninots Special section. Algarra is a favorite, watch out!, both in 1st A section Master Gozalbo and Almirante Cadarso in Special Section. In children exhibition, it remains the ‘lid’ for six years between Blanch (Na Jordana) and Pedro Rodríguez (since last year at Ceramista Ros) for the taste of good win.

So, come and vote. Both child and elderly sections, the battle is like always served  so that the ninot go to Fallas Museum ‘forever’. And Adzucats can visit for many years … Because this way we wish. Introducing this type of art and culture of popular talent at your home is an honor for us through our website.

Apart from watching the exhibition online, we offer you to live in our themed visis the feeling of having experienced a unique day visiting the exhibition and other accessories to better understand the festivity of fallas and their art in person.


· Children Ninot Exhibition 2015 ·

ninot exhibition 2015


. Adult Ninot Exhibition 2015 ·

ninot exhibition 2015


visit valencia fallas

Exhibition Tent ninot which will be open from 10-21 h. From Saturday 7 February to Sunday 15 March.

Admission general: 2 €.

Admission reduced. 1 €:

Children under 14 / Seniors over 65 / Schools / popular colleges / Local Boards and Associations Universities, prior approval of the Central Board Fallera.

Admission free:

Children under 5 years.

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