VLC cultural visits

In VLC cultural visits you discover the most emblematic, anecdotal and curious places that owns the old town. You have the option of creating music tours of Ciutat Vella (mp3 / 4 vers.) and King James I with entertaining explanations and anecdotes from a specialized guide in valencian historic center.


· Visit the historic center of VLC ‘Tyris urbe’ ·

· Visit Ciutat Vella; ‘Cornucopia and myths in abundance’ ·

· Visit of the King James I ·

· Visit of Vaults ‘in excelsis Deo’ ·

· Visit of the Enlightenment, XVIII-XIX centuries ·

In all available routes time will fly by itself (good sign) and so that feeling be even more enjoyable, we offer a tasting appetizer to get our sthregth back and begin the last distance of the journey.

* It´s not included the tasting but wanting to learn and maybe, maybe, maybe included or may be someone in your group or yourself receive a nice surprise along the way … 🙂

Many visitors and citizens who have shared this journey with us, have all agreed that cultural visits are all an enriching personal experience for the senses. Mains aims are: to participate, understand, discover, and / or feel VLC from a unique prism when teaching a city for the first time for someone to visit us or for those who know VLC but only superficially or sideways.

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