VLC personalized city of Adzucats accompanies you to commercial, gastronomic and cultural routes

valencia personalized toursWould you like to go accompanied to a Museum, go shopping or see galleries, events or any other cultural or personal activity you need in VLC?

Individual, group or family, Adzucats offers personalized service to know anecdotal and historically the city and be able to combine this experience with an expert enabled official guide of the Valencian Community.

The tour includes a tasting gourmet in Ciutat Vella, and although the lunch is part of the client, we advise so that you choose the best gastronomic choice and finish the tour with a good feeling in this profile so prominent today in the city.

In the case that the customer would like that Adzucats would manage the possibility to eat in VLC apart, there would be no charge by management. In fact the current price of the official guide company and activities, or 3 pm, or 6 max. h. / day becomes a 2 x 1 to the 1st of October 2015.

+ info: http://english.adzucats.com/vlc-personalized-city/

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