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Where to eat well (suitable areas of restaurants serving the best value)

The historic center. Ciutat Vella is divided by five districts. Best Value eating areas are Carmen (with profile taverns, mini-restaurants or cozy and charming locals), Mercat (mostly Mediterranean cuisine) and Universitat-Sant Francesc (more commercial and tourist profile). However, Seu-Xerea is the area where more delicatessen taste can be found. Some arrocerias (restaurantes that serves mostly rice dishes) are worth try. They are in different parts of the center.

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Ruzafa is what we would today be defined as an area of ‘author’. From being at fallas the most ‘fallero’ district in ‘cap i casal’ or VLC to what happens during the year, there is a noticeable difference. Today russafa normal dress serious business suit but informal plural design … This popular district has grown so much in a multiplier way as it´s difficult to imagine its restaurants and the most varied themed shops has reached this point regarding just for four years…

However, eating well in ruzafa focuses especially on ruzafa east. Among the Cadiz and Dr. Sumsi Streets the versatility and quality is considerable and ruzafa west, offer exists, of course, although perhaps less well suited for variables or innovative environments.

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Gran Vía ‘Canovas’ – Pla del Remei. In the neighborhood of the Gran Vía or ‘Canovas’ there is a mix of commercial repertoire and high standing in a district of Cache and distinguised people, thegreatest example of valencian ‘example’ of all bourgeois expansion where is worthy. Arrocerías and ‘author’ national cuisine reference put the icing. In Pla del Remei, whose main artery is the Cirilo Amoros St., you can meet the streets Jorge Juan and Count of Salvatierra, modernist Colon market whose reform a few years ago has become a success for social and business meeting falenciar valencian people… one of favourite destinations to have anything in a relaxed and distended atmosphere in any of its terraces. Now the pocket must be prepared well in many of locals…

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On the outskirts of Valencia highlights some provincial and even national category high end restaurants with prices not normally exceed € 60/70 per person. On the promenade or maritime towns (districts of El Cabanyal-Malvarrosa), there are very conventional and classic restaurants all there (usually arrocerias) but we can not expect much from the area except for very honorable exceptions.

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+ Info on personalized advice: during the visit takes place especially in VLC personalized city or any of our services you have the option of being advised by a specialist guide in gastronomical matter and restaurant industry of the city.

Where to have and drink something (nice terraces for the best appetizer in Ciutat Vella)

In the district of la Seu-Xerea, highlight the shopping area of Navellos or Wall Sta. Ana, the Archbishop genuine one, Almudín or Mar (Sea st.) and especially the ‘Cathedral’ of the terraces, which would be the Plaza de la Reina (with higher) price. People ‘struggle’ in many of these streets to sit in the warm environment and cool off in privileged places where tourists and citizens seeking light and social atmosphere. There are some adzucats like the Temple Schools St. that are a personal escape or full retreat away from the urban bustle in the Arabian framewors center. See below.

Valencia Seu-Xerea district

In the neighborhood of Mercat in the Plaza de la Virgen, especially the part that touches most of the terraces facing the Basilica of the Virgin of Desamparados, the tourist crowd normally the locals by the magnificent orientation of the square where normally there is always the presence of the sun throughout the day and not lose the habit in this great city … At the restaurants surrounded by the chiaroscuro of small but elongated buildings around the Miguelete or cathedral tower, restaurants also tend to have a good presence of people of all nationalities and couples looking for a bit of quietness. See below.

Valencia Mercat district

In the neighborhood of Carmen (Low, High, San Miguel, Morella St. Tree Square…) are the best places to drink in very informal environments and wanting to stay a while with friends before eating. For the Valencian youth is perhaps the most beloved and identifier neighborhood with its social slang in the historic center. Heterogeneous environments. See below.

Valencia Carmen district

In Velluters or Barrio del Pilar (district), in the Hospital St. and terraces often predominantly youthful atmosphere especially on weekdays. A nice alternative site as the nerve center of Old city at weekends at noon. In fallas is one of the most sought to take a vermouth or snack before or after going to the famous mascletà more commonly known as ‘Town Hall mascletà’. See below.

Valencia Velluters district

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